How to Hang Your Hammock

If you do not have a hammock stand, you can hang your hammock between any 2 solid points, including fence posts, trees, garage, house, 4” x 4” x 8’ post, etc., using heavy duty screw hooks (eye screws), tree straps (available at the store), chain or high test marine nylon rope for larger distances. The ideal hanging distance is 13-15ft apart (a foot less for single hammocks) from point to point and about 4-5 ft tall. With longer distances the height can be increased. It is not necessary to cement a 4×4 post into the ground. Choose an 8-foot post and, using posthole diggers, dig 2 ½ – 3 feet into the ground slightly angling the holes away from each other. Place the poles in the holes and pack in dirt tightly. After the hammock is hung, the poles will straighten out as the hammock is used. Try to set them about 14 feet apart. You can always use chain or rope to make up the distance and hang it to suit you.


The recommended weight limit for any Outer Banks Hammock is 450 pounds.


Misuse of a hammock can cause serious injury. Hammocks are not playground equipment and are not intended to swing high in the air. Always supervise children while they are using a hammock. Small children can become entangled in hammocks. Outer Banks Hammocks is not responsible for any injuries incurred during the use of its products.